In the wake of wide scale destruction caused by hurricanes and other natural or man-made disasters, CW&W realized the need for effective and efficient response to assist customers with their recovery processes. For this specialized and demanding work, crews and equipment are assembled and rapidly deployed to rebuild and clear railroad and civil infrastructure in virtually any environment. Company-wide resources are pooled to provide the customer with the best people and equipment for the job and the safest, most effective response possible.

In addition to the capacity to respond to severe and widespread physical damage to track, bridges, and roadways, CW&W utilizes mobile base camps to support work crews who must operate in environments with little to no infrastructure in tact. The ability to rapidly deploy housing units, cooking facilities, shower units, and support personnel allows work crews and track gangs to operate with a greater effectiveness for extended periods of time.

Communication plays a critical role in any operation, and disaster work is no different. However, because of the nature of the work, conventional equipment such as cell phones and handheld radios may not have the infrastructure or range required for adequate communication. In situations such as this, CW&W dispatches a state of the art command and communication center.

Emergency Response resources include, but are not limited to:

• Mobile Generator Trailer With Over
250 Generators

• Light Plants

• Chainsaws

• Four Wheelers and ATV’s

• Tractor Trucks with Lowboys and other specialized trailers

• Hi-Rail Rotary and Conventional
Dump Trucks

• Hi-Rail Grapple Trucks

• Heavy Equipment Including: Trackhoes, Dozers and Motor Graders
• Temporary Housing/Living Quarters

• Portable Water Tanks and Anerobic
Sewer Systems

• Shower Facilities

• Mobile Food and Supply Commissary

• Full-Service Catering and Laundering

• Dining Tents, Tables and Chairs

• Ice Machines and Food Storage

• Fuel and Oil with Mobile Units