CW&W understands the necessity of safety in industries where even minor lapses can have severe consequences. As such, we place safety as the highest priority at any project site we work. No phase of operation or administration is of greater importance, and we believe that incidents which result in injury to employees and/or damage to property are to be avoided at all cost.

We make it the responsibility of every CW&W employee to carefully plan, train, and cooperate to make safety a preventative measure, not a reaction. All work is required to be performed utilizing proper personal protective equipment in the safest manner possible and consistent with excellent construction practices.

It is the policy of CW&W to conduct all operations safely and thereby prevent injuries and illness to employees and damage to property. Safety is imperative, and every CW&W employee is educated regarding published safety guidelines, fleet driver safety, safety awards, and the hazard communication programs. CW&W’s substance abuse policy includes pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug testing. Each employee entering the construction site is required to comply with the CW&W Safety Policies, the building owner’s safety and security requirements, and all federal, state, and local safety standards. Compliance with OSHA and the Federal Railway Administration standards are also required. In addition to outside safety requirements, CW&W has an operational and safety training program for all employees who will perform track work.

Most importantly, our passion for people drives our belief in safety. We want everyone to return home safe everyday.

Safety Certifications:
BNSF Safety Orientation
E-RAILSAFE Certification