CW&W specializes in railroad and civil construction services. Our jobs vary significantly in size and scope, but our focus remains the same: service, quality and safety. In civil construction our work ranges from building multi-lane concrete highways and large scale drainage developments to city sidewalks. For railroads we handle everything from major track construction and laying new rail to switch changeouts, maintenance of way, and signal work.

In the wake of disasters we provide the services necessary to restore critical infrastructure. In areas affected by hurricanes and other large scale disasters, we are able to operate in a completely self sufficient manner by bringing in everything we need to support ourselves and, if necessary, our customer and other contractors. This involves fuel, parts, supplies, and the support required to keep equipment operating around the clock. CW&W also provides housing, water, meal preparation, shower facilities, and everything necessary to support crews of virtually any size for lengthy periods of time. Our goal is to provide services and a standard of living that allow crews to function at optimum levels at the times when the railroad needs it the most.

“We arrive when we say we’re going to arrive. We have enough equipment and manpower to do the job. We get in and get out without any hassles, and we work safely. Our goal is the same as our customers’ –a quality job, done on time and on budget.” Glen Warren, President


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