#of days injury free

you’ve got to have quality people at every level. we do a lot of work for industrial clients and the projects are demanding. our people understand what’s expected and they deliver.
-Glen Warren
Every CW&W team member goes to great lengths to protect, sustain, and enhance our most important asset, the client.
-Glen Warren
We arrive when we say we’re going to arrive. We have enough equipment and manpower to do the job. We get in and out quickly without any hassles, and we work safely. Our job as the same as our customers’ – a quality job, done on time and within budget.
It was always in the back of my mind that, if we did quality work and gave customers what they wanted, we could become a strong, prosperous company. I don’t know if my grandfather had the same vision, but I know he would have been proud of what we’ve accomplished.
-Glen Warren

SAFETY details

CW&W understands the necessity of safety in industries where even minor lapses can have severe consequences. Safety is always the highest priority at any project site, as no phase of operation or administration is of greater importance.

We make it the responsibility of every CW&W employee to carefully plan, train, and cooperate to make safety a preventative measure rather than a reaction. All work is required to be performed while utilizing personal protective equipment and in the safest manner possible with consistency in construction practices.

It is the policy of CW&W to conduct all operations safely and thereby prevent injuries and illness to employees and damage to property. Safety is imperative, and every CW&W employee is educated regarding the following:

  • Published safety guidelines
  • Fleet driver safety
  • Safety awards
  • Hazard communication programs

CW&W’s substance abuse policy includes pre-employment, random, and post-accident drug testing. Each employee entering the construction site is required to comply with:

  • CW&W Safety Policies
  • Building owners’ safety and security requirements
  • All federal, state and local safety standards

Compliance with OSHA and the Federal Railway Administration Standards are required and in addition to outside safety requirements, CW&W has an operational and safety training for all employees who will perform track work.